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Low VOC Refinishing Paint for Bathtub & Tile Gallons and Quarts

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Product Description

Available colors: Pure White, China White, American Standard White, Bisquit, Bone, Almond, High Gloss Clear and Satin Clear. We also supply custom colors upon request. For ordering custom colors call 888-867-5683.

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Information Sheet

Become ECO FRIENDLY Using Topkote's 280 Low VOC Glaze!

VOCs from bathtub refinishing paint can negatively impact air quality. If you have ever experienced the fumes of a freshly painted bathtub then you have experienced the negative impact VOCs have.

Topkote’s 280 Low VOC bathtub and tile refinishing glaze will make much less of an impact on air quality than the conventional bathtub refinishing paints do without sacrificing quality.

Topkote 280 Low VOC uses a different activator and reducer that our UR Glaze product line. Be sure to order the Low VOC Activator and Low VOC Reducer to go with it.

Introducing Topkote's new 280 Low VOC bathtub & tile refinishing glaze

Product Reviews

Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product
          5 of 5 stars I am a fan of the 280!
Review Submitted By: Adriana Ducasse

I really like it, it sprays great and the coverage is awesome.

          5 of 5 stars Very impressive, low odor is amazing!
Review Submitted By: Justin LeBlanc

The majority of my business is residential and the fumes are my customers complaint every time, despite my attempts of extreme ventilation. I've recently started using the Topkote Low VOC system and am in love. The odor is much lower and very tolerable. Now its about 50% with my clients if they can even smell it, and no one complains about the odor being too much. That's worth it right there. The Glaze has a good quick drying time that definitely reduces the wet time that dust can get stuck on the surface, and it has a beautiful shine. I had sprayed a tub half with Topkote and half with my previous product to test them both and see how they compare apples to apples. Topkote won in ever aspect. I am loyal. Also the customer service is great.

          5 of 5 stars Exelente
Review Submitted By: Armando Gonzáles


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