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5 Bathtub Reglazing Safety Tips to Preserve Your Health

You already know that tub reglazing fumes are hazardous to your health. But the good news is that you can protect yourself and others by following a few guidelines and recommendations. Here, we'll explore why certain chemicals are so dangerous and what you can do to protect your health and wellbeing on the job.

by TopKote

What Are the Dangers of Tub Reglazing Fumes?

There are different types of solvents, paint strippers and glazes used for bathtub refinishing, but all of them contain hazardous chemicals. For example, polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic polymers – common types of glazes – all have some level of toxicity. If exposed, symptoms can include asthma, eczema and contact dermatitis.

Bathtub Reglazing Safety Tips for Protecting Yourself and Others

Now that we've examined the harmful effects of tub reglazing fumes, we'll discuss a few tips for minimizing your exposure and protecting your overall health.

  1. Ventilate Your Work Area

    You must ventilate your workspace to minimize tub reglazing fumes. Opening the windows is necessary, but it's certainly not enough if you're working with methylene chloride. According to OSHA, you must also provide local exhaust ventilation and make-up air to replace the vapors removed by the exhaust.

  2. Invest in Safety Equipment

    In most cases, a face mask will not suffice for protecting yourself against tub reglazing fumes. You'll need to wear a respirator, which will prevent chemical inhalation. You can purchase respirators, cartridges and other safety equipment supplies in our online store.

  3. Wear Protective Clothing

    No matter what chemicals you're working with, you'll also want to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which helps shield your body from infection, exposure or injury. Items include safety glasses and chemical-resistant clothes and gloves.

  4. Use Long-Handled Tools

    We highly recommend using long-handled tools when refinishing a bathtub. Because chemicals tend to pool at the bottom of the bathtub, leaning over the tub is not advised. Tools with extended handles place some distance between you and your workspace and help prevent exposure to tub reglazing fumes.

  5. Follow Spill and Leak Control Guidelines

    There must be specific provisions in place in the event that a chemical spill occurs on the job. For example, do not pour methylene chloride waste down the drain – it must be placed in a labeled, sealed container. To ensure that you are employing proper cleanup procedures, contact OSHA.

Learn More about Bathtub Reglazing Safety

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