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Roll-A-Glaze: Brush and Roll Urethane Glaze Additive

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Product Description

Roll-A-Glaze is a brush/roll additive designed to be mixed in Topkote’s 280 Low VOC or UR Glaze to provide maximum leveling and flow when brush or roller application is preferred. The special blend of ingredients allows more open time for workability and anti-foam agents help alleviate bubble formation.

Roll-A-Glaze features, advantages and benefits:

  • Turn your existing coating into a brush/roll system
  • Minimize overspray
  • Maximum leveling and flow
  • Perfect for apartments, hotels, shower pans, sinks, floors

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Information Sheet


Use with China White, AS White, Bisquit, Almond or Bone.

Substrate should be prepared and primed according to topcoat instructions prior to topcoat application. Mix ratio is 4 parts glaze, 1 part activator and 2 parts brush/roll additive. Do not add reducer. Apply 1 wet coat at approximately 2-3 mils.

It is important to apply the glaze with high quality applicators. For best results use a high quality 3” All Paints brush. You can also use a 6” foam roller.

Product Reviews

Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product
          4 of 5 stars Mind Blown Right Now
Review Submitted By: Brady Stephens

I can put a nice finish on a tub but this looked even better. Had a couple of sags but they brushed right out. Great product for simple tubs. Thank you so much.

          5 of 5 stars I Love It!
Review Submitted By: Casey Kidd

I wish I could post a picture because pictures speak a thousand words. This is perfect for apartments or any place where over spray is a concern. The finish... brush marks just melt away and nice & smooth. Prep was simple and quick, took almost an hour start to finish. Thanks Topkote!

          5 of 5 stars Great Product
Review Submitted By: Ronald Harnois

After using the roll-a-glaze, I can honestly see the cost savings. We used less material and were able to refinish more units in less time. Between the ease of use and less prep involved I would recommend this product to other refinishers.

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