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Product Description

Introducing the Ultimate Turbine!

The Q5 Platinum™ System with its powerful 5-stage Turbine Motor producing approximately 9.5psi is the latest addition to the Fuji lineup. The extra power allows for less thinning of viscous paints and achieves finer atomization.

The Q5 utilizes the same patented noise reduction seen in our Q3 and Q4 models. The result is the quietest 5-stage HVLP Turbine on the market.

What’s new in the PLATINUM™ Series?

The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box™

AS mentioned above the Q PLATINUM™ Series features many new technological advancements. Incorporated into its design is a proprietary Heat Dissipation Box (HDB). The HDB expels excess heat from the turbine resulting in much cooler operating temperatures. Less heat translates to longer motor life for your turbine. Because the hot air is routed to the rear of the turbine and passes through 60 holes the process is silent.

Another key feature within the Q5 PLATINUM™ Series is the Master Speed Control that offers you the ability to adjust the psi/cfm to the optimum adjustment needed to perfectly atomize your coating and yet reduce the overspray/bounceback to an absolute minimum. Click Here to see how to use your Variable Speed Controller Dial.

Use your Q5 Platinum™ for light tasks or for heavy-duty projects.

At 15ft the Q5 PLATINUM™ Turbine is only 63 dba, at 20ft it is 60 dba. Normal Conversation is 60 dba.

Fuji Spray recommends a 5-stage or a 4-stage system when spraying automotive finishes.

Five Bonus items included inside every Q5 PLATINUM™ package – 5 for 5.

  • 6’ Whip Hose
  • Wet Film Gauge
  • 19 pc Spray Gun Cleaning & Maintenance Kit with Lubricant
  • Extra Turbine Filter
  • “Always Measure” Booklet – Record your material preparation and results

What’s included with every Fuji Q5 PLATINUM™ System?

The Turbine,  Fuji T70 Spray Gun with Cup, 25ft Hose with Quick-Connect, Air Control Valve, User Manual, Viscosity Cup, Wrench and Cleaning Brush.

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Review Submitted By: Steven Smith

First time use and finish was outstanding! I have never used a spray gun before. No runs, drips finish was great

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