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Crosslink III Adhesive Gallons and Quarts

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Product Description

California Customers: Quarts Only


Topkote’s Crosslink III Adhesive is an adhesion promoter that can be used over all tub and tile surfaces including fiberglass & acrylics and eliminates the need for etching. Simply clean your surface using Topkote's Tub and Tile Cleaner, apply the Crosslink III Adhesive either by wiping or spraying and apply the glaze.

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          5 of 5 stars Very strong! Works well
Review Submitted By: Justin LeBlanc

I was hesitant of using an adhesion promoter. I have been using a topcoat with primer and have always felt primer will always be better adhesion and durability. I spoke with Bob Alexander on the phone and he told me it was time to hang up the primer. I bought a starter kit. Well I picked up an old tub and sprayed one half with the Topkote system and the other half with my other product using a primer base coat. After they cured I tested them both with scratching, scraping, picking at edges and sanding. Topkote held a stronger edge and I could not pick at it at all. The other product I could chip away at the edge slightly with my finger nail. They both were identical results for scratches and scrapes. (Both acrylic urethane topcoats) Much simpler system than primer and slightly better results. I was very happy. At some point i'll post a video of my testing on youtube. Overall Topkote beat my previous product in every way.

          5 of 5 stars Are the s***!
Review Submitted By: ANTHONY O'HARE

Crosslink III, the coatings and Topkote are the shit! Pardon my French!

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