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By George Piccot, Published 04/03/2017

A question that I have been asked over the years is “how much” should I charge to refinish a bathtub? The short answer is; enough to cover your costs and make a profit. Unfortunately, that answer just isn’t going to work. Below are a few guidelines to help you establish a price for your bathtub refinishing service…

Pricing Your Bathtub Refinishing Service

Pricing your bathtub refinishing service is a gray area; it is both competitive and regional. Here are a few things to consider when establishing the price to refinish a bathtub:

  • Competitor pricing. You need to know what your competitors are charging. Sometimes, you can get this information from their website. Most of the time, you can get it simply by calling and asking how much they charge. But, nothing beats the old fashioned “on-site” estimate! Unfortunately, if you call just to get a quote for a bathtub refinish, you are likely to get a quote over the phone as most refinishing companies will not do an “on-site” estimate for just a bathtub. If you want to get them out for an “on-site” estimate, tell them tile is involved.

A few things an “on-site” estimate will accomplish:
1. Establish a competitor price
2. You get to meet your competitor - This is an opportunity to pick them apart. This information could be useful when building your pitch. Exploit their weakness.

  • Regional pricing. There is no “standard” price for bathtub refinishing; it varies from state to state. The bathtub refinishing price is in California is going to be different than the price to refinish a bathtub in Maine. Below is a great tool for establishing the averages by region.

With all this being said, the bathtub refinishing business can be brutally competitive. I see it all the time, ads on the web for $199 bathtub refinishing. By the way, how anyone can run a legitimate bathtub refinishing business at that cost boggles the mind. I have even seen it go as low as $99 which is straight up ridiculous!

I will tell you this, when establishing your bathtub refinishing pricing keep this in mind… Be in the top to middle of the road with your competitors and compete on value. The best way to overcome a price objection is to convince your customer you are giving them a tremendous value. You can do this by knowing who your competition is, knowing what their weakness is and exploiting that weakness, knowing what they charge and giving a better bathtub refinishing product and bathtub refinishing value.