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Multispec Application In 8 Steps

Multispec is a great way to give your countertop, vanity, tile, or even floor a stone look without the stone cost and it's a simple process.

George Piccot

Step #1: Masking


Mask around the project you are working on. Make sure you cover everything that you do not want multispec to get onto.

Step #2: Clean


Clean your project to remove greases and oils using a good heavy duty cleaner.

Step #3: Rinse and Dry

rinse and dry

Dry off the project using paper towels and rinse with water. Dry with paper towels again.

Step #4: Scuff


Scuff the project using an orbital sander equipped with 80 grit sandpaper. If your project is tile you may skip this step.

Step #5: Repair


If any repairs are needed, this is the time to do them. You can fill holes/chips using a polyester filler. If you need to do any caulking use a fast dry paintable caulk.

Step #6: Apply Primer


Apply 1-2 coats primer. Apply only enough to achieve coverage. Do not go heavy.

Step #7: Apply Multispec


Apply Multispec in 2-3 coats using a spray gun equipped with a 2.0mm aircap set. Apply the first coat as a light shear coat and allow to dry 15-20 minutes. Apply the next coat heavier moving the opposite direction of the first coat. This should be enough for complete coverage but if not, allow to dry 10 minutes and apply a third coat. When all coats are done, place a fan blowing towards the project and allow to dry 45 minutes to an hour.

Step #8: Apply Clearcoat


Apply 3-4 coats of clearcoat and allow to dry 1-2 minutes between coats and that's it! Your beautiful stone look countertop, vanity, tile, or floor will be ready to use in 24-48 hours. For more information about the Multispec application process contact Topkote at 888.867-5683 or visit us on the web at www.topkote.com.

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