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Bathtub Refinishing Kits: A Deep Dive into TopKote's Eco-Friendly Low VOC Bathtub Refinishing Kit

By George Piccot, Published 09/20/2023

Bathtub refinishing, also known as tub reglazing, is a process that can breathe new life into old, worn-out bathtubs. It's a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire tub, and with the right kit, the results can be outstanding. One such kit that has garnered attention in the market is the Eco-Friendly Low VOC Bathtub Refinishing Kit by TopKote.

What is the TopKote Eco-Friendly Low VOC Bathtub Refinishing Kit?

The TopKote Low VOC Bathtub Refinishing Kit is designed for both professionals and beginners. It offers a comprehensive set of essentials needed for tub reglazing. The kit is eco-friendly, emphasizing the use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) components, making it safer for the environment and the user. With enough materials to refinish 10-12 tubs, this kit ensures that users are equipped to deliver exceptional results from the get-go.

Components of the Kit

The kit is bundled with essential products to ensure a smooth reglazing process. It includes:

  • 1 gallon of low VOC glaze
  • 1 quart of low VOC activator
  • 2 quarts of low VOC reducer
  • 2 quarts of Crosslink III
  • 1 gallon of cleaner

Customer Reviews

The product has received positive feedback from its users. Gilbert Stone, a customer, praised the company for its prompt customer service, especially when he had reglazing questions during a job. Another user, Juan V from InTouch Refinishing, expressed satisfaction with the product and appreciated the support from the company. Kenneth Kirchner shared a testament to the product's durability, recounting an incident where tiles were torn out into a refinished tub without causing any scratches or chips to the tub's surface.


Bathtub refinishing is a skill that requires precision, patience, and the right tools. With TopKote's Eco-Friendly Low VOC Bathtub Refinishing Kit, both novices and professionals can achieve remarkable results. The kit's emphasis on eco-friendliness and the inclusion of low VOC components makes it a standout choice for those looking to make a sustainable choice without compromising on quality.

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