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Bathtub Refinishing Dust Control

Here are just a few things you can do to help prevent dust or debris from settling onto your freshly refinished bathtub.

By George Piccot, Published 01/05/2022

Bathtub Refinishing is an inexpensive alternative to replacement however, just because its inexpensive does not mean you should not take the extra measures to protect new appearance from dust settling in the finish during and after you spray. Below are a few causes of dust or debris in your finish and how to help prevent it.

Dirty/Dusty Bathroom

Dust settles on horizontal surfaces such as doorjambs, light fixtures, windowsills, etc. Cobwebs collect pollen and dust which result in wispy streamers, which can fall into your freshly reglazed tub.


Using your turbine air or a cordless blower, blow the dust & cobwebs down and vacuum up.

Dirty/Compromised Turbine Filters

Your turbine relies on airflow to work properly but filters are needed to keep debris from entering into the turbine and ultimately onto your finish. When your filters become too dirty to do their job a few things happen; your turbine cannot breathe then overheats and the bearings burn out and/or the turbine tries to pulls fresh air from any available source, which is sometimes the side edges of the filters where dust & debris can enter. When this happens, debris flows through the turbine, hose, spray gun and onto your finish.


Make sure your turbine filters are in good condition and installed correctly on your turbine. Raise your turbine up off the floor a few feet so it cannot pull dust or lint from the floor.

These are just a few things you can do to help prevent dust or debris from settling onto your freshly refinished bathtub.

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