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Fuji HVLP Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM Spray System with Bottom Feed Cup

SKU: TK-2903-T70
Fuji HVLP Mini-Mite 3 Spray System with Bottom Feed Cup

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The Mini-Mite 3™ utilizes a powerful 3-stage Turbine Motor installed in a durable Metal Turbine powder coated case. The T-Series Spray Gun is Non-Bleed with a side Pattern Control Knob (to adjust the size of the fan pattern) with Stainless Steel Fluid Components. Plus extra features such as an Air Control Valve and a High-Efficiency Aircap for even less overspray.

It is often thought that the reason that most people purchase an HVLP system is for speed, but we have found that the main reason is really the desire for a high quality of finish. Of course, any spray system is a few times faster than brushing – admittedly, even a cheap version will give you speed. But for quality of finish, you do need power and a high quality spray gun with all the features.

The Mini-Mite 3 T-Series™ system has become a real favorite with bathtub refinishing professionals. Now the new Fuji T-Series spray gun with Pattern Control Knob is included with this system. Fuji installs a powerful 3-stage Turbine Motor. The Mini-Mite 3 T-Series™ is a professional standard 3-stage system – by ‘standard’ we mean that the turbine does not have the patented noise-reduction feature as seen on the Fuji Q-Series. However the noise level is no more than any other standard HVLP turbine on the market. The MM3 Turbine develops 6.5psi. This is more than enough pressure to spray all known coatings (when properly thinned) and all the newer water-based coatings.

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