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Bathtub and Tile Reglazing Coatings & Supplies

Topkote Products by Sumter Coatings is a manufacturer of bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing paints and coatings. Our premium acrylic urethane bathroom refinishing paint together with our preparation supplies will revitalize bathtubs, tile or countertops for years to come and is used for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Topkote Products by Sumter Coatings offers a wide range of topcoat coatings, primer coatings, activators and reducers, surface cleaners and coating additives. We also offer an array of bathtub reglazing equipment, safety equipment and accessories needed to successfully operate a professional bathtub and tile refinishing business.

When you use Topkote Products by Sumter Coatings, you will get experienced technical knowledge, superior customer support, and sophisticated order processing. Use Topkote’s Reglazing System with confidence knowing it will stand the test of time. You will have confidence knowing that when you refinish a bathtub, tile or countertop using the Topkote Reglazing System, you won’t be back to repair a failure.

Topcoat Coatings Topcoat Coatings

All professional refinishing jobs start with quality Topcoat Coatings. High-performance acrylic urethane designed for commercial bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing.

Primer Coatings Primer Coatings

Refinish bathtubs, tile, and countertops without etching using our famous Crosslink III Primer. Get a great looking finish for multispec paint with our basecoat epoxy primers.

Activators and Reducers Activators and Reducers

Catalyze and reduce our Topcoat Coatings and Epoxy Primers with our Activators and Reducers for a professional looking finish.

Surface Cleaners Surface Cleaners

Before you start any refinishing job, use our Commercial Tub and Tile Cleaner to help kill bacteria and create a smooth and clean surface.

Coating Additives & Performance Products Coating Additives & Performance Products

Enhance the performance of your Topcoat Coatings with our Accelerator, Fisheye Eliminator, and Non-Slip Additives.