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          5 of 5 stars Brad Chapman
Review Submitted By: Brad Chapman

This has been too long in coming, and we wanted to say "Thank You" for a great training session - fun, informative, hands on! It was fantastic, just what we needed to get our business off to a great start. We appreciate the fact you and Bob are available to take our call when we have a question on a job. Great training, paired with 1st rate products, equals a formula for success! Thank you for all your helpfulness, and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

          4 of 5 stars Ilia Adamov
Review Submitted By: Ilia Adamov

I found this training so useful for me! Two days training include some of theory and a lot of practice. Our coach George is strong professional. He knows every aspect about reglazing. In addition George gave every student personal tips about marketing, how to take right start in the business and more... I think the best way to invest your money in your future - take Topkote training.

          5 of 5 stars Travis Smith
Review Submitted By: Travis Smith

George was an EXCELLENT teacher. Great class took his time to explain everything so we could understand & remember to do the steps for us to start our new career..Excellent Job George!!! Highly recommend if you want to get into this business. Thanks for your patience with us & explain everything we need to know. Job well done, George Once again TY

          4 of 5 stars J Wat
Review Submitted By: J Wat

Thank you for a great weekend of training George. You spent a good amount of time answering any questions the group had. The small class size of 4 was a real bonus, this allowed for more personalized training. I believe Topkote has given me a good solid foundation to continue into the refinishing business. The detailed instructions manual and DVD will help too. Jamie

          5 of 5 stars Kevin Cowhy
Review Submitted By: Kevin Cowhy

In my thirty-one years in education I participated in many workshops and or professional development opportunities. Some I would say were outstanding and others not as impressionable. The instructor or the trainer has always made the significant difference in the experience and this was true of my two day Topkote training this past weekend. I enjoyed George Piccot’s “teaching style” very much and his experience and knowledge of the industry. Very Impressed, class "A" training!

          5 of 5 stars Terry James
Review Submitted By: Terry James

Besides the products being easy to use and a full understanding of them, I found that George made sure that the techniques and steps we took were as important as the making sure we used the right products at the correct measurements. Thanks for everything

          5 of 5 stars Maurice Harrington
Review Submitted By: Maurice Harrington

I just hung the phone up with George, and i must say every time I call and speak with George or Bob i get their undivivded attention, they don't rush you off the phone they help you find a resolution to your problem. Hands down Topkote IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I'VE EVER MADE!!

          5 of 5 stars Gustavo Garzon
Review Submitted By: Gustavo Garzon

First of all, George is a great trainer, he shows you how and why, every step of the way! The content of the training is the best of the best and the products are incredibly easy to use and apply. Thank You!

          5 of 5 stars Michele Church
Review Submitted By: Michele Church

This is a great training class. George is a great teacher and very hands on. The class offers not only the ability to do the work but also gives the resources to start your own business. Topkote is an amazing product. The starter kit is a must have. Even after the class is over and your out in the field George is only a phone call away to offer any assistance necessary to get the job done. I highly recommend anyone interested to sign up. It is worth it!!

          4 of 5 stars Harrison Ross
Review Submitted By: Harrison Ross

Excellent two day training session. The smaller class allowed for more hands on training. George offers a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of the refinishing business, the process, equipment and the Topkote product line. George also took time to answer any question that we had. Thank you George, as a beginner in this profession I gained the confidence and knowledge in this training class to take the next step into business.

          4 of 5 stars roger strawhacker
Review Submitted By: roger strawhacker

this is the best training class i have attended to date. George is unselfish with his knowledge in the field, and very professional.I am new to the trade and was skeptical on my ability. the training class gave me the ability and confidence to perform professionally in the field. thank you George, hands on training with product and equipment was outstanding. the hands on training was well beyond the cost. cant say enough George..highly recommend you attend.

          5 of 5 stars Mark Richie
Review Submitted By: Mark Richie

The small class size and really getting a chance to do the work made a big difference. We also learned how to do our jobs safely. I thought George genuinely cared about our success and well-being. Thanks!

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