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Urethane Fisheye Eliminator for UR Glaze or 280 Low VOC Topcoats

Urethane Fisheye Eliminator Pint

Reduce the possibility of fisheyes

Our Fisheye Eliminator is designed to combat fish eyes or cratering in Topkote urethanes. Fish eyes are caused by contamination, most often in the form of silicone, water, oil and/or grease on the substrate. The best defense against fish eyes is a properly prepared surface and clean work environment; however sometimes, despite efforts to keep things clean, contamination appears. In those situations, a little Fisheye Eliminator goes a long way to ease surface tension and allow the coating to flow properly.

Features & Benefits:

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Information Sheet

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          4 of 5 stars Works well

This product definitely works as advertised but be aware of a couple things. Use it sparingly, its easy to over-add it.If you use too much the finish will have a greater chance at orange peel results. Pay attention to the instructions! Also, if you are getting fisheyes you possibly aren't being thorough enough with the cleaning/prep. The additive is great for exceptionally filthy tiles and/or excessive silicone issues such as found in motels/hotels but don't become dependent on it.

By: Thomas Landry March 31,2018
          5 of 5 stars Awesome!

I really love this stuff. I use this product on every tub I refinish. It has cut out virtually all fish eyes problems. I won't spray a tub without it.

By: Todd Davis June 11,2015