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Ventilation Exhaust Duct for 12" Blower

Exhaust Duct for 12" Blower

Professional refinishers need exhaust duct for their fan blower in order to properly ventilate their workspace. Topkote's 20' exhaust duct is portable and designed to fit our 12" exhaust blower. Refinishing professionals are exposed to hazardous chemicals while working on bathtubs, countertops, and tile, even in large spaces. The 20ft exhaust duct is perfect for larger workspaces and helps reduce the inhalation of dangerous chemicals.

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Flexible and Lightweight

Topkote's 20ft exhaust duct designed for the 12" exhaust blower is extremely lightweight and flexible, making it portable and easy to install. It features connect ties for quick attachment to the 12" exhaust blower. The 20ft exhaust duct is also flame retardant and can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees.

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