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Reusable Etching Cream for Refinishing Tile and Porcelain Quart

Etching Cream For Bathtub And Tile Refinishing

Topkote's Etching Cream

Topkote's Etching Cream is a brushable etching cream that will dull the surface of ceramic or porcelain giving it the perfect surface profile for bathtub and tile refinishing. Use Topkote's Etching Cream prior to applying Topkote's 2000 Epoxy Primer or Topkote's Crosslink III Adhesive to give your bathtub or tile finish a bond that will surpass all expectations. Unlike competitive etching solutions that can only be used once, Topkote's Etching Cream can be used over and over! Simply scoop it up with a putty spreader and place back into the container to be used again and again.

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Benefits of etching cream

  • Brush-On Cream
  • Works In Minutes
  • Gives The Perfect Surface Profile For Refinishing
  • Cleans Up With Water
  • Can Be Reused Over And Over
  • Low Odor
  • Quart Size

Don't waste any more time using competitive etching solutions that are dangerous, smell horrible and can only be used once, use Topkote's Etching Cream by XIM.

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