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Epoxy Primer Basecoat Resin Quart

2000 Epoxy Primer Quart

The quart size 2000 Epoxy Basecoat Primer gives Multsipec imitation stone refinshing jobs a smooth and durable finish. Mix 4 parts Epoxy Primer Resin and 1 part Epoxy Catalyst for even coverage and a crack resistant surface. The Epoxy Primer Basecoat gets your surface ready for Multispec paint. Choose from Off White, Charcoal, Gray, or Almond primer color in quart size.

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Quick results, professional finish

2000 Epoxy Primer Resin can be topcoated in 15 minutes, giving you a quickly drying basecoat for your Multispec Accent Paint. It's the only primer basecoat you will ever need to get your professional refinishing jobs done right the first time.

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