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Your Vanity Number & Your Bathtub Refinishing Company

By: George Piccot on 03/18/2016

Vanity Numbers And Your Bath Refinishing Business

Some will debate whether you should invest in a vanity phone number to attract clients.What Is A Vanity NumberA vanity phone number spells out words that match the numbers on the keypad. It can be a company logo, an abbreviation, or a phrase used throughout your advertising campaign. Simply put; it is branding that PAYS OFF!VANITY NUMBERS CREATE CREDIBILITyYou will appear more established and trustworthy. If you have a great vanity number, it will invoke an image that you are a market leader in your area.it's branding that pays offOnce you get your unique vanity number, no one else can own it and there won't be any confusion. You will become unforgettable.get more referralsReferrals are the best form of advertising and with an unforgettable vanity number it will be easier for someone to refer you. When prospect can recall your number, they are more likely to call when they have a need for your bathtub refinishing service.

If you want to attract more business, keep this in mind; a great vanity number will stay in the mind of your prospect long after any advertisement has run out (Case in point: 1-877-CARS4KIDS).one more thingWhen it comes to credibility, why not set yourself apart from others... why not become an "Authorized Topkote Professional". By displaying the "Authorized Topkote Professional" logo, you are letting the world know that your business is part of something bigger.

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