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Bathtub Refinishing Training Options

So you’re thinking about starting your own bathtub refinishing business? Taking steps to starting your own business can seem scary, stressful and full of unkown obstacles ahead. That’s where Topkote comes in. We are here to help guide you through starting your own bathtub refinishing business, setting you up with training, supplies, and unmatched customer support. We will help you decide on a package that fits your budget and your goals.

Choose the best refinishing option for you

Topkote Products has been providing the best refinishing training, and products on the market for years. We know that everyone has different goals for their business, especially in the beginning. We offer different options and kitss for training and products based on your goals, budget, and time, so it’s important to choose the best option for your business.

Bathtub refinishing training from the professionals

Once you’ve made the decision to start your own bathtub refinishing business, it’s time to start thinking about what comes next. Your first step is getting professional bathtub refinishing training from experts in the industry. Topkote offers the best bathtub refinishing training available, giving you hours of hands on refinishing projects.

bathtub refinishing training from TopkoteWhat’s Included in Training

  • 2 day, weekend training in Sumter, SC with hotel accommodations
  • Hours of refinishing multiple bathtub with correct technique
  • Multi-color paint application
  • Spot repairs
  • Marketing tips, help with sales, and strategies from industry professionals
  • Topkote Pro Certificate of Completion
  • Only $595

Upgrade to the bathtub training kit and save

If you are ready to jumpstart your refinishing business quickly after training, then the training kit is right for you. This bathtub refinishing training start-up kit will save you over $700 and providing all of the necessary supplies you need to start refinishing right away.

bathtub refinishing training start up kit includes free 2 day trainingWhat’s included in the training bundle

  • Free bathtub refinishing training (listed above)
  • Supplies to finish 48 bathtubs and 10 countertops
  • $20,000 in revenue generated from kit
  • Over 50 different products, supplies, and safety gear including
  • Fuji Mini Spray System
  • Exhaust Blower
  • Supplies for spray system and exhaust blower
  • Heavy duty spray suit
  • Inclusion to Topkote Pro Website (Find-a-Pro)
  • Get the complete list of products here
  • Only $3999 - saving over $700!

Advantages of the training start-up bundle

The bathtub refinishing training start-up bundle will save you $600, which can be beneficial when starting a business. It’s important to keep startup costs to a minimum to help you maximize profits.

Not only will the training start-up bundle save you money, it will help reduce time spent trying to figure out how much supplies you’ll need when starting out. It can difficult to determine how much of each product you need to make sure you have an even amount of supplies. Topkote provides you with the exact amount of each product like UR Glaze, Activators, Reducers, Crosslink III Adhesive, and heavy duty cleaner you’ll need to finish 10-12 of bathtubs and up to 4 countertops. By the time you’re finished with your training start-up bundle, you’ll have a solid foundation of how much of each product to re-order, significantly cutting down on time.

The best refinishing training

No matter which option you pick from Topkote to start your business, you will be getting the best training available from experts in the industry. Topkote is also known for the high quality, commercial grade products, and unmatched customer support. So whether you decide on the bathtub refinishing training, or the refinishing training start-up kit, you’ll be getting the best training, products, and support in the industry.

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