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          4 of 5 stars Carones Custom Coatings 3136851650

Great product and service! They called my personal cell and told me all about their products and I am sold!

By: Nathan Carone May 24,2018
          5 of 5 stars I couldn't believe it.....

I was refinishing tubs in a 25 unit rehabbed apt building. One day while walking through I saw 2 tile guys standing in a tub I had refinished weeks before, TEARING OUT THE TILE SURROUND into the tub w/zero protection. There was 3" of broken tile and grout in the tub. I had a fit and told them they would be paying for the re-spray, TO MY SURPRISE when I cleaned out the tub, there was NO SCRATCHES or chips....I am a BIG fan of this product.

By: Kenneth Kirchner October 02,2017
          5 of 5 stars Very pleased

InTouch Refinishing is very pleased with the product. Thank you again for your support George is very kind. God Bless him!

By: Juan V. January 18,2017
          5 of 5 stars Great service

I have no complaints. I get my shipment in 2 to 3 days. Problems are promptly dealt with concerning shipping or products. At the top of my list is immediate answer to a reglazing question when on the job, no other company had that promptness, this is a big "seller" for being and staying a customer.

By: Gilbert Stone January 09,2017

Showing 1–4 of 4 items